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Elad CEO Miki Naftali: If I could, I'd do the same deal again today without hesitation.

The Rishon LeZion municipality filed a limited UBP for the IKEA and Gazit-Globe center.

Apartment sales rise

Globes 29.02.2008
U.S. Haredim investing heavily in Tel Aviv real estate

Tel Aviv may turn into a bigger market than New York for ultra-Orthodox businessmen seeking capital. This week Tel Aviv investors learned of another bond offering here, of up to NIS 200 million, by Abraham Leser, owner of a real estate group.

Sales of new apartments in Jerusalem rose 5% in January.

The move follows today's announcement by Shlomo Shmeltzer that he no longer wishes to acquire the company.

ADO is buying 60% of the company at a value of NIS 85 million.

The two companies expect hundreds of millions of shekels in proceeds.

"Yediot Ahronot": The oligarch bought five villas for $11 million and demolished them.

Pangaea Israel is in also in talks to buy a second property in the city.

Berggruen Residential sold a triplex in its luxury tower.

Citycon's fair market value rose to €2.21 billion.

Analysts Shai Lipman and Yuval Zehira say conservative asset valuation policies explain the discount in the stock.

Construction company Ramet recently dismissed rumors of restructuring and assets sell-offs due to cash flow difficulties.

Richard Meier is designing the 101-meter high-rise to become an iconic landmark.

The US mortgage crisis is being felt in Israel.

Driving along Independence Street in the lower city of Haifa, you see sign after sign trumpeting the future inauguration of this or that college in the future Port Campus. ...

Housing prices drop

Globes 15.02.2008

Prices fell in the fourth quarter of 2007 despite higher demand from foreign buyers.

Tenants and the landlord at a Tel Aviv mall sue the city.


Analysts look again at Africa-Israel - those who dare, that is.


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