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Good quality, great value

Haaretz 09.03.2008

The companies' joint Primavera Valley View residential project is located in Brasov.

The sky-high price of property in central Israel tends to make people forget, perhaps because of the shock, that it doesn't have to be that way. There is perfectly affordable housing available, and new apartments at that, just not in the country's center. ...

The first Grad missile that fell on Ashkelon scored a direct hit on the real estate sector. Deals that were about to be signed were stalled, and buyers who did agree to continue negotiations demanded 10% price reductions. ...

The issue was on the basis of a shelf prospectus published on May 15, 2007.

Eli Elezra buys Ramet

Globes 07.03.2008

Negotiations between Shmuel Shmeltzer and Ramet's shareholders broke down.

The Gazit-Globe unit predicts an even worse 2008.

Plenus increases pressure on Arko.

Leo Noe's company is Israel's largest owner of shopping centers.

Guests include Global Property Guides publisher Matthew Montagu-Pollock.

Only Bank of Jerusalem did not accept the request.

Eli Yones said zero risk meant zero entrepreneurship, no real estate development, no mortgages.

Ran Wienik: Cancelling 90% of the betterment tax is like the dentist leaving a patient with one tooth so he'll have a toothache.

Engel Resources bought a lot for 190 apartments.

The company owns Yishpro centers in Modiin, Beersheva, and Kiryat Gat.

ADO chairman Adi Keizman: We're now in the advanced stages of building a company for the long haul.

The fund will invest in residential and commercial properties in Eastern Europe.

Nearly 90% are bought by married couples.

This is the second settlement reached on Heftsiba projects under construction.

Squares in a round hole

Haaretz 02.03.2008

Why are public plazas abroad so attractive, while ours are so drab?


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