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A previous version included a 24-storey high-rise.

However, he continues to hold a large portfolio of malls overseas

Kayco International Group also operates in Europe, India, China, and Southeast Asia

"I have lots of Israeli friends."

Nidar Construction predicts 43% less profit from the Jerusalem residential project.

Survey: 84% of respondents correctly named Heftsiba as the collapsed real estate company.

Very few of the moshav's residents still work in agriculture.

The ILA ordered IKEA to leave even though the Central Planning Commission approved the alternative plan for the construction of a second IKEA store.

The program is being offered to customers with a current bank account who take a First International Bank mortgage.

The $1 billion New City project will offer 1,800 apartments for high-tech personnel in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The company lent money to a developer of two Brooklyn lots.

A Housing and Construction unit and Almog Yam Suf Holdings will jointly build the residential project.

Melvin Cooper sold Asia House for $61 million.

The two-storey building on Zion Square, was built in 1926.

Yet D&B Israel finds that real estate firms are having a difficult time raising funds.

Tao Menofim and its partners sold 292 Madison Avenue at a loss.

The plan does not include the proposed adjacent shopping center of Gazit-Globe.

Former Migdal CEO Izzy Cohen appointment as CEO of Africa-Israel may have stymied sale talks, due to concerns about conflict of interests.


3% of respondents pay less that NIS 50 per month in building fees, while 3% pay more than NIS 300 per month.


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