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The Tax Authority wants to collect taxeds due.

The company paid $88 million for over 1,000 apartments in two projects.

Beit Weiser was built by Mordechai Weiser, one of the founders of Ahuzat Bayit.

The Fishmans plan the "most glorious lobby in Israel".

The Tax Authority wants to collect taxeds due.

Original plans called for three 29-storey high-rises in Kikar Hamedina.

Cities, including Rishon LeZion and Rehovot, attract foreign buyers as well.

The pair mulls a $500 million real estate investment fund.

Geocartograhy: Construction of industrial plant is up 44% since 2004.

The deal will reflect a value for Kanion Hazahav of $1.25 billion.

The neighborhood was founded in 1890 for wealthy Jews from Bukhara.

The Delek Group subsidiaries found a bank looking to offload its real estate loans.

Net profit dropped 86% at Boymelgreen's real estate firm.

Net profit fell 11% to NIS 174 million.

The company plans to raise $150-200 million in a public offering in which chairman Lev Leviev will participate.

Heavy financing expenses shrank profits.

The company posted a net loss as expenses rose 57%.

The site currently serves as a parking lot.


Meir Sheetrit considers the possibility of reviving the plan and bringing young couples back to Jerusalem.


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