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Property Report 30.10.2012
Quick, buy something!

It was just a matter of time; Singapore introduced the latest round of cooling measures in the beginning of October and last Friday Hong Kong then followed suit, imposing a 15 percent tax on foreign buyers. In both instances, the measures are intended to curb the rise in property prices, which have continued to rise despite several rounds of government interventions over the past couple of years.

Asia Buyers Snap Up Australian Hotels As Mining Boom Fills Rooms

Sales of Australian hotels to offshore buyers set a record in the first half as Asian companies including Shangri-La Asia Ltd. (69), Starhill Real Estate Investment Trust (STRH) and Langham Hospitality Group were lured by rising occupancy and room rates.

Top 10 Real Estate Buyers' Markets

Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland lead the list of Zillow's top real estate buyers' markets, with homes in those metropolitan areas taking longer to sell and buyers receiving an average discount of 5 percent off asking prices.

U.S. Attractive to Overseas Property Buyers

With 1.9 million houses on the domestic market and U.S. buyers not active, foreign buyers are snapping up some good deals.

2/3 of Home Buyers Open To Foreclosures; Real Estate Confidence Grows

Confidence in the real estate market continues to grow in 2011, and as that force stabilizes prices in many areas, home buyers are gaining confidence in the process of buying foreclosures. This is the conclusion of a recent study by Realtor.com, and it seems to coincide with what we are seeing in the Seattle real estate market.

Buying a property? Learn about loan to value

The Reserve Bank of India has brought about many new directives and guidelines in order to curb speculation in the property market as the sector stands poised for a revival post recession recovery.

Buyers spoilt for choice with cheap property in Spain

The Euro crisis, the struggling Spanish economy and the credit downgrading of 16 of the country’s top banks may have worried many people thinking of buying property in Spain. However, due to an oversupply of homes, prices of property in Spain have rarely been as competitive.

Buyers in the box seat as property glut limits vendors

ACROSS Victoria there are 71,190 properties for sale. That is 36 per cent more homes than at the same time last year. In late 2011, the number of listings was even higher, but since late November we have seen listing numbers reduce by about 6 per cent across Melbourne and by a smaller 2 per cent across the state.

More restrictions on foreign property buyers in Switzerland

Further restrictions on foreign buyers in Switzerland are due to take effect from January 2013, making it even more difficult to buy a second home in the country popular for its ski and lakeside resorts.

Far East buyers beware in London property rush

(Reuters) - When Hong Kong businessman Mr. He paid a 35,000 pound deposit on a four-bedroom apartment in Britain, he believed it was a 40-minute walk from central London, his lawyer says. In fact it was a 40-minute journey by high-speed train.

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