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UK property sales up as prices fall

Information Daily 30.10.2012
From bankers to cage-dwellers, HK feels property price squeeze

HONG KONG (Reuters) - In a cramped space on the fifth floor of an old industrial building in Hong Kong, Huang Shaochang and his wife live in some of the priciest real estate per square foot in the world - a 35 sq ft room with a bunk bed and small TV.

UK property sales up as prices fall

October has seen UK property prices fall to the lowest level for two years, a new survey has announced. Reductions on properties that have been on the market for some time have been blamed for the decrease.

Penang property prices soar

Asia One 18.10.2012
Penang property prices soar

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Property prices have shot up by about three-fold in Penang because of an increase in surcharges imposed by the Pakatan Rakyat-led government, claimed a former council official.

Hong Kong government attempt to stop property prices soaring further

The first long-term policy for 14 years is currently being formulated in Hong Kong in attempt to cool soaring property prices.

Property prices in the US more than expected

Prices of homes in the US climbed more in the year to July 2012 than forecast, providing more evidence that the country’s housing market is starting to recover.

First-time buyers struggle to climb onto the property ladder despite better mortgages

First-time buyers are fighting a losing battle to climb on to the property ladder despite a surge in mortgages available to help them.

Spanish property prices have fallen by over 50%

A survey conducted by the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and property firm Tecnocasa has revealed that the average price of a property in Spain has fallen by 53% since 2006.

Pune, Bangalore lead real estate sector

Projects at affordable prices helped boost sales in Pune, while Bangalore saw a huge demand for high-end properties

State's property prices fall 12%

Irish Times 26.09.2012
Latest reports on prices of property in Italy

Despite the ongoing problems in the Eurozone, property prices in Italy remained relatively flat in the second quarter of 2012. That’s the result of a new report from the Italian Land Agency that found prices in the country remained steady despite a fall in transaction numbers.

State's property prices fall 12%

Residential property prices throughout Ireland fell by almost 12 per cent over the year to August, but the pace of decline slowed from July, the Central Statistics Office said today.

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