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Green property: Reducing water usage

The Telegraph 10.06.2011
Green property: Reducing water usage

Our cracked and forlorn garden looks more like it does at the end of August than it should in early June. I’ve long since waved a sad farewell to the desiccated borlotti beans as the driest spring on record gives way to what promises to be a pretty parched summer.

Commercial property owners should accept Green Deal

Commercial property owners have been advised to be proactive in making environmentally friendly improvements to buildings that they own. Owners are being advised that eco-friendly buildings can save them money on energy costs, as well as boosting their reputation in both the local and wider communities.

Off-Grid House Made Of Recycled Steel Goes Anywhere

Jerry James Stone TreeHugger 02.07.2009
Off-Grid House Made Of Recycled Steel Goes Anywhere

The Homestead House is an off-grid prefab concept made from recycled steel by designer Michael Jantzen. The house makes use of prefabricated, commercially available steel which makes it both low in cost and extremely modular. In fact, it makes the size and shape of the structure completely customizable - not to mention really tough! And the house is fully recyclable as it can be easily torn down and erected in different location.



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