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Top 10 Buyers Markets For Real Estate Investors

Housing Predictor Housing Predictor 27.01.2010
American Real Estate Investors Seek Opportunities in European Debt Crisis

While the world is anxiously watching to see how the European debt crisis will unfold, many real estate investors in the United States are eagerly seeking opportunities to reap profits from the Continent’s distress.

Top 10 Buyers Markets For Real Estate Investors

The top buyers markets in the United States are locations with strong local economies and good prospects for job growth. College towns are also high on the list — these smaller markets tend to thrive during recessions as more people enroll at universities.

Outlook Gloomy For Commercial Rents Across The World

Global commercial rents have fallen dramatically around the world, and the future looks grim for commercial real estate investors. While the markets in Hong Kong and UK are showing signs of improvement, other markets like the US are facing continued declining rents. For more on this see this article from Property Wire.



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