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Banks increase mortgages as property market settles

Bradley Hope The National 25.08.2009
Banks increase mortgages as property market settles

Banks are steadily increasing their mortgage offerings as the property market reaches the bottom of the downturn, analysts say.

Banks kick commercial real estate loans down road

NEW YORK (Reuters) - For the past six months or so, Wall Street has been bracing for what many fear may be the next shoe to drop on the already battered U.S. economy: a U.S. commercial real estate bust that could rival the housing market collapse.

Banks becoming more flexible on mortgage defaults

Vicky Kapur Emirates Business 247 08.07.2009
Banks at root of declining housing market in Spain.

Banks may withdraw their mortgage offer at the last minute, the purchaser perhaps suddenly loses their job or simply gets cold feet at the enormity of the financial commitment.

Banks becoming more flexible on mortgage defaults

Banks and other lending institutions are becoming more flexible in dealing with customers in financial trouble, as mortgage defaults in the UAE are expected to rise with an increasing number of people unable to service their outstanding debt.

Banks Falling 24% Since May Foreshadow S&P 500 Slump (Update3)

Lynn Thomasson and Rita Nazareth Bloomberg 02.07.2009
Banks Want Free Field That Could Lead To Another Real Estate Bubble-Burst Cycle

Think the big banks would be at least a little grateful to American taxpayers for bailing them out with their money? Yeah, right!

Banks Falling 24% Since May Foreshadow S&P 500 Slump (Update3)

July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Declines of more than 20 percent in regional banks and homebuilders and the failure of transportation companies to erase their annual loss may be signs the rally in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is about to fizzle.

Banks' Bugbear: Commercial Real Estate

PETER EAVIS The Wall Street Journal 29.06.2009

Commercial real estate in the dumps

Agnes Crane Reuters 25.06.2009
Banks' Bugbear: Commercial Real Estate

A reason to love banks as investments also can be a reason to hate them. Because of the way they account for most loans, banks can absorb credit losses over time, allowing them to earn their way out of trouble. A potential downside of this approach: Banks use it to postpone the recognition of losses. And commercial real-estate lending is one area where losses are likely to be enormous.

Commercial real estate in the dumps

David Bodamer over at Clusterstock has some interesting color from a commercial real estate conference where the mood was decidedly grim. Rather than being cheered by the hope that the Fed’s inclusion to commercial mortgage bonds its TALF program will alleviate the stress, participants seem resigned that the worst is yet to come.

Banks lending more to property buyers in UAE

Mortgage lending in Dubai appears to be increasing amid growing confidence in the real estate sector that better liquidity will see a recovery by the end of the year.

Banks predict more steep prices falls in Spanish property market

The Spanish property crisis is set to deepen with a new report from the country's second biggest bank predicting that residential real estate will fall 10% this year and another 12% next year.

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