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How can I give my home a green makeover?

Francesca Steele The Times 16.10.2009
How can I give my home a green makeover?

We answer your questions on how eco-proofing your home can reduce your bills. To be green is no longer an “alternative” position. It is rapidly becoming a mainstream issue, something homeowners are concerned with, now that it’s about to hit their own pockets.

Solar panels have become financially viable says Heat my Home

As the UK comes to terms with higher energy bills, Heat my Home asks, what is the longer term view for energy.

Energy efficient homes and more nuclear power: Conservatives unveil 'green deal'

Every UK homeowners will benefit from an allowance of up to £6,500 to make their properties more energy efficient, under a "green deal" proposed by the Conservatives today. The idea is part of a wider energy and climate change package aimed at kick-starting a green economy in the UK.

National real estate group to honor Forest City for green building

A Forest City Enterprises Inc. partnership has been tapped to receive a national award for sustainable development of an office building in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Green Building in India

Sam Hopkins Sam Hopkins 18.08.2009
Green Real Estate is a growing trend even while the global economy has its challenges.

What a better time to think of value in residential real estate than in the present challenging times. Most are still wondering if the projections of a turn around in the current marketplace are just fiction or truthful. Five steps forward and two back, then three forward and three back.

Green Building in India

It seems hard to find a bright spot in any of the world's top property markets right now. . . High-end real estate buyers who fueled a commercial and residential property boom are holding still, or selling out.

Barnet's Eco House Shortlisted For An Award

Green Building Press 29.07.2009
Roger Platt Leaving Roundtable for U.S. Green Building Council

Roger Platt, the long-serving senior vice president and counsel of the Real Estate Roundtable, is joining the U.S. Green Building Council, the nonprofit group that created the LEED sustainability rating for buildings.

Barnet's Eco House Shortlisted For An Award

The Barnet eco house, brainchild of Barnet Council together with Barnet Homes and its property services partner the Apollo Group, has enabled it's creator organisations to be shortlisted for an award. The potential prize is for the low energy social housing project of the year category of The Sustainable Housing Awards 2009, organised by Inside Housing magazine.

Old homes can be green too

The Independent 29.07.2009
Old homes can be green too

How the latest in eco-refurbishment has helped Sarah Harrison convert her period semi into a green flagship. By Sophie Morris

Real Estate 101: How can I go 'green' from the first day of home ownership?

Going green at home is a lot more than just switching light bulbs, swapping out the thermostat and plugging holes.

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