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Is It Safe to Buy Property in Spain Yet?

Shelter Offshore 25.08.2009
Is It Safe to Buy Property in Spain Yet?

We’re very well aware that Spain remains one of the most attractive overseas destinations for Britons of all ages thinking about going to live abroad.

International property buyers ’still looking to established markets’

Britons who are considering purchasing property overseas continue to look to established markets, an expert has noted.

Rich Britons help to drive up house prices in tax havens

While house prices across Europe have plunged in recent months, a stream of wealthy tax exiles is continuing to push up property prices in offshore tax enclaves across the continent.

interest in buying property in portugal rises

The number of Britons considering buying property in Portugal is on the increase, according to recent figures.

£300bn wiped off value of homes

The Press Association 13.06.2008
brits buying property in spain to benefit from falling prices

Britons looking to buy property in Spain have plenty of time yet to benefit from falling property prices, it has been suggested.

£300bn wiped off value of homes

Britons have collectively seen nearly £300 billion wiped off the value of their homes since house prices first began to fall, research has showed.


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