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Tips on lowering tax liability arising out of profit made by selling a property

Real estate has, over the years, become like any other asset to be bought and sold with the aim of gaining from capital appreciation. While this can give good returns, it can also mean a hefty tax outgo. Irrespective of how the property has been acquired, the taxman looks at each and every real estate transaction.

5 Reasons Why Northridge Real Estate Isn’t Selling

Data recently collected by Red Blue Realty suggests that many properties in Northridge are, in comparison to last month, failing to sell as quickly as they should be. The experts at Red Blue Realty offer 5 possible reasons for this development.

Tips for Building Your Brand New Real Estate Business

Buying investment property isn’t rocket science, but when you are just getting started it can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to know just where to start. There are definitely some tried and true things you can do that will help ensure your success. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Wall Street's Hottest Investment Idea: Your House

Your house might be a better investment than you think. At least Wall Street seems to think so.

Property Advisor Rick Otton Shows First-Time Homebuyers How to Buy Houses With Deposit Finance

Home ownership has always been a challenge for young Australians, and most parents want to help their children buy their own house. However Australian finance advisors warn of the dangers that arise when parents volunteer to guarantor their children’s home loans.

Rental property investing 101 – tips for future property moguls

The media and real estate professionals continually report that 2012 is the year to buy real estate. Since home values have dropped considerably, the U.S. median list price has dropped considerably, too. Couple that with interest rates that are the lowest they’ve ever been and it’s a perfect storm of real estate buying opportunity, especially for starting out your career as a landlord.

5 Tips For Dealing With a Seller Who is “Just Not That Into You”

After months of searching for the perfect home, writing multiple offers, and dealing with sellers who won’t budge on price, you've finally got a contract on the perfect home. It took you and the seller weeks of negotiations and several rounds of offers to get there. But, you have a deal at last. Or do you?

Tips on working well with your property agent Tips on working well with your property agent Tips on working well with your property agent

Your property agent is supposed to always act in the best interests of the buyer and/or seller but many of us know from personal experience or anecdotal evidence that that is not always the case.

Five Tips For Avoiding Real Estate Scam Artists In Miami-Dade County

​Yesterday, law enforcement officials finally busted the criminals behind one of the most brazen real estate scams in the state that has the second-most cases of mortgage fraud in America. Ayda Young, Yohany Garcia, Zoraida Abreu and Johnny Bou-Nassar were criminally charged in a multiple-count racketeering and grand theft indictment for stealing $2.4 million from 15 victims. After thoroughly reading the indictment, Banana Republican is amazed by the sheer audacity of the racket and the grand stupidity of its victims.

Tips on buying into an under-construction project

The primary advantage would be that an under-construction property will invariably come cheaper than a ready-for-possession property. Depending on the stage of construction and also the response that the project has already elicited from other buyers/investors, the rates can be from anywhere between 15-30% lower.

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