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Spain plans residency rights for non-EU overseas property buyers

Spain is gearing up to offer automatic residency rights to property investors from outside the European Union who pay more than £130,000 for a house.

Darwin is Australia’s ‘property powerhouse’

While many overseas buyers are heading to Australia’s more popular state capitals – Perth, Sydney and Melbourne – it is a ‘crocodile infested backwater’ that is proving to be the nation’s most resilient property market.

The decision to buy or lease vacation property boils down to how much cash you have

From a tax perspective, is it better for small business owners to own or lease a home or vacation property? At first blush this question seems straightforward enough. The simple answer and ultimately what should drive your decision, says Ed Foster, founder of The Tax Advisory in Oakville, Ont., comes down to the cost under each option and how much cash you have and are willing to part with.

Buyers believe Australian property market is ripe for the picking

Now is the time to invest in Australian property, according to a recent survey of prospective buyers.

Are you buying a 'safe' house? Ensure that the property is structurally sound

Did you know that of the 33.8 lakh buildings in Delhi, over 31 lakh face medium risk from an earthquake, while 1.46 lakh are at high risk? Given that the capital falls in seismic zone IV, this claim by the Vulnerability Atlas of India 2007 is not far-fetched. A similar story of neglect and deliberate flouting of housing laws plays out across the country, which is why the onus of checking the structural soundness of any property lies firmly on the buyer. After all, buying real estate involves a lot of your hard-earned money, and the least you can do is to ensure that the property you and your family plan to reside in is safe.

Swedish buyers focus of new Spanish property campaign

Real estate firms operating in the Spanish property market are targeting Swedish buyers in a new campaign.

Five real estate terms you should know

The Economic Times 25.09.2012
Five real estate terms you should know

Carpet area is the area within the walls of an apartment that is for the exclusive use of the buyer. While computing the carpet area, the terrace and balconies are usually considered as half the actual area.

Single Canadians buying real estate should be more diligent than couples

VANCOUVER — Cobi Falconer single-handedly paid down the mortgage on her Vancouver condo while also paying tuition for four university degrees and working numerous jobs simultaneously.

Buy a property without a deposit

Love Money 20.09.2012

Buying property abroad no holiday

The Sydney Morning Herald 17.09.2012
Buy a property without a deposit

One firm claims it can help borrowers to purchase a property without putting down any deposit.

Buying property abroad no holiday

It could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Certainly a lot of people think so as they take advantage of the high Australian dollar by picking up bargain properties in the US or Britain.

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