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How to buy property in an auction

The Hindu Business Line 08.07.2012
How to buy property in an auction

Do you yearn to buy a house in the city but find realty rates prohibitive? You could try bidding for properties being auctioned by banks. The laws allow banks to recover dues from defaulting borrowers by auctioning the properties they pledged.

Prospective buyers at tomorrow’s Allsop Space auction should do their research, or repent at leisure

Luxury home sellers and buyers: find the best real estate agent for success in high-end markets

Despite a slow upturn for the housing market at large, luxury real estate is enjoying momentum – especially in the Southern California coastal markets like San Diego and Orange County. For those looking to make a real estate change in theses areas, now is an ideal time to act. However, unlike the market for more modest properties, luxury markets come with their own set of rules. When trying to select the best real estate agent to help you buy or sell a high-end home, consider the following expert tips.

Why This May Be the Ideal Time to Buy Real Estate

Well, it’s only taken half a decade, but the moribund real estate market is finally starting to show signs of life. If you were thinking about making a move on a piece of property, right now is possibly the best time. You can still take advantage of low prices in most places around the country, and mortgage rates are at once-in-a-lifetime record lows: 30- and 15-year fixed mortgages are around 4% and 3%, respectively.

Property buyers see France as a safe haven, experts believe

Popular regions in France are continuing to attract property buyers with the more wealthy looking for areas that they regard as a safe investment.

Foreign buyers see Paris as a safe property haven

British, Italian and German buyers were the most active in the luxury Paris property market in 2011, according to research from Knight Frank, but interest increased from buyers in Russian, the Middle East and Asia.

Foreign buyers pour $5.2b into office and retail

Carolyn Cummins Sydney Morning Harald 20.03.2012

Time to buy property in America

The Telegraph 17.03.2012
Foreign buyers pour $5.2b into office and retail

INTERNATIONAL investors are dominating the national office and retail property sector, with more than $5.2 billion of sales completed in the past year.

Time to buy property in America

American property prices are finally on the way back up. Move now to bag the best bargains, says Graham Norwood Say it softly. But after years of misery, it looks as if the housing market across the pond is at long last making a comeback. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a Florida holiday villa, or a chic Sex and the City-style New York apartment, it might be wise to buy it soon.

Buying a house in London

Abhishek Raghunath Money Control 20.01.2012
Buying a house in London

The bleak real estate scene in Western countries is an opportunity for Indians with some extra cash. The Americans are foreclosing, the Greeks are defaulting, the Spanish are abandoning and the English are selling. Sound familiar? It's the story of the real estate sector in the West that has shown no sign of any new twist since it began in 2008.

Singapore landed homes to remain hot buys, unaffected by anti-speculation measures

Demand for landed properties in Singapore will most likely remain strong in 2011 because buyers of these properties usually occupy them as opposed to speculating for profit, analysts say.

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