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Leasehold property laws in need of sweeping reform, says thinktank

Present system gives freeholders little incentive to make sure leaseholders get quality service, CentreForum says, as the number of tribunal disputes quadruples in a decade

Property prices up 1.6% in England and Wales in March

Residential property prices in England and Wales have increased by 1.6% in March and 2012 is on course to be a better year for real estate sales and prices than 2011, according to the latest report from Rightmove.

Bank of England expert predicts future UK property boom

An ageing population and an increasing number of immigrants are set to fuel a property price boom in the UK, it is claimed. According to Professor David Miles, who sits on the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee which sets interest rates, people will also be older when they buy their first property because of changes in the mortgage industry due to the credit crunch.

Dream Living More Affordable for Homebuyers in Gloucester

Rising property prices and greater restrictions on mortgages have made it increasingly difficult for homebuyers to secure a new property. However, Crest Nicholson is making dream living more affordable for homebuyers in Gloucester with its EasyBuy scheme. At Whitsone Hundred, the latest phase of Crest Nicholson’s Hunts Grove development, homebuyers can secure a four bedroom home for just £174,208.

Cost of a seaside home has 'more than doubled'

The cost of owning a home by the sea has more that doubled over the past decade, the Halifax bank has said.

Guest Post: How to Buy Property at Auction in England

Property values in Britain have blossomed through steady growth for decades, but the recent recession has hit the British property market in staggering ways. Banks and individual owners now are trying desperately to offload distressed properties from their portfolios.

Tenants left high and dry after Church of England abandons New York towers

Alex Frean and Christine Seib The Times 16.02.2010
Tenants left high and dry after Church of England abandons New York towers

When the Church of England walked away from a £40 million investment in a Manhattan apartment complex last month, it simply wrote off the entire amount, promising that “lessons would be learnt”.

House price recovery some way off

LONDON (Reuters) - House prices in England and Wales were flat for a third consecutive month in July, causing the year-on-year decline to slow to 7.7 percent from 8.7 percent, property data company Hometrack said on Monday.

In England's Real Estate Market Buyers Outnumber Sellers 4 To 1

In England's real estate market, buyers are outnumbering sellers as low prices and low mortgage rates have increased interest for home ownership. On the supply side, sellers are sitting on their property, reluctant to put it on the market when prices are so low. For more on this see the following article from Property Wire.

Real estate lending 'close to zero', says Bank of England

Banks made virtually no new loans to real estate companies in April and May, according to the Bank of England, revealing for the first time the extent of the funding crisis facing the industry.

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