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Buyers dial up new homes on iPhones

ROB O'NEILL Sunday Star Times 06.12.2010
3 Tools Realtors Can Use to Increase Sales on the Web

Realtors are passionate people, especially about their relationship with customers. One of the ways that they connect with these customers today is through the use of social media, and the methods for doing so are, themselves, becoming much more varied and sophisticated.

Buyers dial up new homes on iPhones

The Kiwi obsession with home ownership can further indulged by a new location-aware iPhone application that allows users to research homes for sale in their vicinity.

Social media a tool for real estate pros

Amanda Finnegan In Business 13.11.2010

Real Estate Professionals Need Tech Tools

Calvin Azuri TMCnet 06.10.2010
Social media a tool for real estate pros

Real estate professional and Nolf Group head Nick Nolf encourages his agents to spend one hour a day on social networking sites such as Facebook, a behavior most company leaders would frown upon.

Real Estate Professionals Need Tech Tools

A daunting array of options needs to be considered by professional real estate agents when they have to purchase technology tools. Their business is supported by these tools. Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc., (MRIS) collaborated with RETechnology.com to assist real estate agents in this effort. Up-to-date product education and reviews are provided by the unbiased real estate technology authority, RETechnology.com.


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