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Get in the queue for an Australian property boom

Chelsea White The Daily Telegraph 24.08.2009
Australia property firms see pick-up, shares rise

SYDNEY, (Reuters) - Three Australian property firms gave cautiously optimistic outlooks for the local real estate market on Thursday, sending shares in the sector higher.

Get in the queue for an Australian property boom

IT'S the proof we've been waiting for that the housing boom is back - at dinner tables across the country talk is returning to the old conversation chestnut ... property.

Property market's good weekend

Andrew West The Sydney Morning Herald 10.08.2009
Australia’s Home Loans Rise for Record Ninth Month (Update2)

(Bloomberg) -- Australian home-loan approvals rose in June for a record ninth month as borrowing costs at a half- century low and government cash handouts stoked demand among first-time buyers.

Property market's good weekend

PROPERTY analysts are predicting continued recovery in the real estate market after a weekend of strong sales but warn that changes to the Federal Government's first-home buyers grant and the prospect of rising interest rates may slow demand.

Australian Property Companies Able to Repay Debt, Nomura Says

Katrina Nicholas Bloomberg News 03.08.2009

Australia Tries to Avoid a Housing Bubble

JAMES GLYNN The Wall Street Journal 03.08.2009
Australian Property Companies Able to Repay Debt, Nomura Says

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Investors should buy bonds of Australian property developers including Stockland and GPT Group as balance sheets buoyed by share sales reduce the chance they will default on their debt, Nomura Holdings Inc. said.

Australia Tries to Avoid a Housing Bubble

As Demand for Homes Outpaces Supply, Rising Property Prices Prompt Concerns About Overheating

New boutique targets property

John Wilkinson Money Management 21.07.2009
Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa On Track For October 1st Opening

Dubai, U.A.E- The construction of Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Emirates' first luxury conservation-based resort outside Dubai, in the heart of Australia's Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, is reaching completion.

New boutique targets property

A new boutique property manager will be exploiting the weaker local real estate market to deliver returns for investors.

ACCC crackdown on real estate sector

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says the real estate industry has been put on notice. An amendment to the Trade Practices Act is due to be further scrutinised by Federal Parliament next month.

Real Estate Agent In Australia - Very Good House Selling Tips

The following are the seven steps involved in the sale of real estate. We’ve put these together in an effort to help you understand more about what happens at each stage of the process and help you feel more at ease and in control of the sale of your property.

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