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RE/MAX accuses real estate agent of ‘cybersquatting’

Las Vegas luxury real estate agent Cristine Rosa Lefkowitz has been sued by RE/MAX International Inc., which accuses Lefkowitz of "cybersquatting" and trademark infringement for registering Internet domain names using the RE/MAX name.

Finally, Home Price ETFs Start Trading

I had posted recently on an upcoming set of ETFs that would allow you to trade on the Case-Shiller home price index, which is meant to mimic the largest metropolitan areas in the US and be "generally representative" of the US housing market.

House Prices Decline Slowing

Gilbert Mercier NEWS JUNKIE POST 01.07.2009
House Prices Decline Slowing

Data was released today by Standard & Poor’s for its home price index composite. This is the leading indicator for the US real estate market. It shows that although still negative, the annual decline of the 10-City & the 20-City composites improved.

ANALYSIS - Burned U.S. banks may stay shy on real estate

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The end of the decline in real estate is nowhere near, and yet U.S. banks may feel it shrewd to hold onto troubled loans in the sector rather than sell them or take losses.

Shopping for a home? It's prime season for house hunting

SUSAN FELT Hattiesburg American 29.06.2009
Shopping for a home? It's prime season for house hunting

Wooed by historically low housing prices, tax incentives and enticing interest rates, people once again are flirting with buying a home.

Real estate market may plunge U.S. into deeper recession

The deepness of the recession is indicated by two sets of statistics that belie the happy talk of its ending. For new housing sales there is little to indicate a rising sales volume and people who have been living in homes without making payments for 6 months to a year will receive foreclosure notices.

Behringer building wins LEED gold status

Business Journal 26.06.2009

Global property slide may be long

Ilaina Jonas Reuters 26.06.2009
Behringer building wins LEED gold status

Commercial real estate company Behringer Harvard’s Bank of America Plaza in Charlotte, N.C., recently received the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification for an existing building.

Global property slide may be long

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Commercial real estate markets in many parts of the world are falling and in the United States, the largest market, things are poised for a deep, lingering dive, experts said.

No Green Shoots Found At Commercial Real Estate Conference

David Bodamer The Business Insider 25.06.2009
No Green Shoots Found At Commercial Real Estate Conference

I attended an event this morning held by Cityscape Connect called “Looking Beyond the Crisis.” I posted some quotes from the event live to the Retail Traffic twitter. I thought I’d take a minute to put some of these quotes into context.

Inland observers say new home market not declining as sharply this year

New home purchases in the U.S. fell in May, as builders offering discounts struggled to compete with foreclosure-driven bargains on resale properties.

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