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Simon Property Group Voted "Most Admired Real Estate Company"

Simon Property Group (NYE: SPG) regained the title of “Most Admired Real Estate Company” in Fortune magazine’s annual “World’s Most Admired Companies” survey.

Rising Property Taxes Overwhelm Many Who Are Living on the Edge

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s campaign to cap property taxes has angered school and municipal officials who say that limiting local tax revenue will make it impossible for them to cover rising expenses and will result in drastic cuts in services.

Brookfield profit jumps on higher property values

STEVE LADURANTAYE The Globe and Mail 20.02.2011
Brookfield profit jumps on higher property values

With the fight to save General Growth from its massive debt now won, Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (BAM.A-T32.090.160.50%) is turning its attention to ensuring the large U.S. mall operator is able to compete in the future.

Buying An "As Is" Home Is Sometimes Not Clear-Cut

Buyers and sellers are sometimes not on the same page about what are the conditions of selling an "as is" property, and to take a phrasing from former President Bill Clinton, that depends on what the meaning of "as is" is. NY1's Real Estate reporter Jill Urban filed the following report.

Homeownership loses its luster

Alana Semuels Los Angeles Times 20.02.2011

Pets Help Sell Manhattan Apartments

CONSTANCE ROSENBLUM The New York Times 19.02.2011
Homeownership loses its luster

Meredith Carr and Vince Melamed of Brentwood are just the sort of couple real estate agents have always counted on to buy a home.

Pets Help Sell Manhattan Apartments

JON LIGHTMAN and Judy Batalion never learned the name of the sociable beige cat in attendance when they checked out a seventh-floor loft in north Chelsea last fall. But the couple fell for him hard.

A Home for Two Households

CONSTANCE ROSENBLUM The New York Times 19.02.2011
A Home for Two Households

THE journey that brought Vivian Berger and Michael Finkelstein to their spectacular aerie on the Upper West Side started more than a decade ago, with what might or might not have been a date.

Commercial Property Recovers in U.S. as `Tsunami of Distress' Fails to Hit

From Manhattan office towers to apartments in Florida to retail properties in Washington, commercial real estate values are rising, defying predictions of a collapse that would drag the U.S. economy back into recession.

Hotel gyms get fitter: Most properties see modern facilities as a requirement

After years of neglect, hotel fitness centers are finally getting into shape. In the before picture, we see a wimpy gym housed in a claustrophobic, overheated room sparsely furnished with a garage sale assortment of equipment. With rusting parts and zero ventilation, the facility could be ruled a health risk. But the dawning of the age of health consciousness has sparked an evolution of fitness centers, sending subpar gyms the way of the bedside ashtray.

Florida's looking brighter: The outlook is improving for the Sunshine State as investors cash in on a U.S housing scheme

The sun waned on Florida's property market when the subprime crisis devastated homeowners. But things are now looking brighter, with canny investors taking advantage of a U.S. government-backed housing scheme. Section 8 properties are provided for rent to low-income people under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programme.

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