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‘Green’ building gains steam in Summit

KIMBERLY NICOLETTI Summit Daily News 30.03.2009
AIG delays funds to some real-estate ventures: report

(Reuters) - American International Group (AIG.N) has cut or delayed payments to some of its real-estate ventures, potentially leaving the developers and their bankers in the lurch, the Wall Street Journal reported.

‘Green’ building gains steam in Summit

Renewable energy seminar informs local building professionals about creating ‘greener’ homes. More than 125 building and real- estate professionals attended the Renewable Energy Solutions all-day seminar, presented by the Summit County Builders Association Friday at the Silverthorne Pavilion.

Hidden Threats and Greenwashing Abound for Investors in Foreign Real Estate

Purchasing property in Latin America is nothing new to American investors, but with the recent economic downturn and uncertain U.S. market, U.S. homebuyers and retirees may be more tempted than ever to invest in ostensibly attractive real estate deals in Latin America.

Dramatic job losses, poor real estate market hurting Whatcom County

One thing I've learned about this recession is that it is being studied very closely. Nearly every day I see a new report about some aspect of the local or state economy. That's a good thing; by looking at many different aspects of the economy, putting the pieces together hopefully gives a more accurate view of what's actually happening.

Real estate market hurt by housing downturn


The Home Show - Since 1986

chicagohomeshow.com 27.03.2009
Real estate market hurt by housing downturn

With the recession now going into its 16th month, it is already longer than all but two downturns since World War II, and many are calling it the worst downturn since the Great Depression.

The Home Show - Since 1986

All your remodeling, renovations and repairs under one roof. At The Home ShowS, you can find innovative products and the latest services for home, office and commercial properties. You’ll meet established contractors face-to-face in a neutral and relaxed environment.

The Sacramento Green Home Expo

sacgreenhomeexpo.com 26.03.2009
Soros Predicts 30 Percent Fall in US Commercial Real Estate Prices

Legendary hedge fund investor George Soros said Thursday that US commercial real estate prices will fall 30 percent, a development that he says shows that the financial crisis is continuing.

The Sacramento Green Home Expo

The Sacramento Green Home Expo will take place on Friday, April 3, 2009 from 10am to 5pm at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Sustainable building plans greenest of green

Dylan Rivera, The Oregonian Oregonlive.com 26.03.2009
Housing Industry Can Take the Lead in Green Movement and Economic Recovery

Hope. That is all we really have right now. With the signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) in February, President Obama has provided a significant measure of hope that while the economy may continue its decline in the near term, there is help on the way

Sustainable building plans greenest of green

To solidify Oregon's reputation as the center of all things environmentally sound, Portland may soon be home to the greenest large building in the world.

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