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‘Dubai expo will enhance facilities management’

The global economic meltdown has presented companies with an opportunity to take facilities management seriously because of dwindling resources to build new structures.

Expatriate Wills: Protecting your assets for your family

Over the past year, I have been approached by three separate expatriates whose spouses have died whilst resident in the UAE. In each case, the surviving family had quickly discovered that the death of a loved one can create several problems for them as expatriates in the UAE.

UAE banks wary of lending on Dubai property fears

Jason Benham and Daliah Merzaban Reuters 14.04.2009
UAE banks wary of lending on Dubai property fears

Islamic banks in the United Arab Emirates are wary about extending new loans, despite better liquidity, on fears a Dubai property slump could force them to take deeper writedowns for bad home loans, Mashreq Capital said.

Moody’s warns of further hits to UAE and Qatar property sectors

The property sector in the Gulf will continue to face difficulties this year, with the UAE and Qatar likely to be hit particularly hard by the knock-on effects of the global financial crisis, according to the ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service.

Firm says Ajman is the UAE's real estate destination

Construction Week Online 07.04.2009
Green regulations will boost UAE property jobs

The implementation of Dewa's Green Building regulations will reduce utility bills and may even create managerial, technical, and general jobs in the UAE facilities management sector at little or no extra cost to the building owners.

Firm says Ajman is the UAE's real estate destination

Dubai-based property developer Memon Investments is looking to Ajman as the location for many of its upcoming projects.

Burj Dubai One Kilometre High Property Crash White Elephant?

The tower already rises 780 meters high into the sky (160 floors), but its final height will not be exposed until the construction is completed. The tower may reportedly reach the height of one kilometer by September.

Easy-installment loans to leave no 'room' for woes

The problem of housing among Saudis will be solved considerably with the Saudi Credit Bank’s (SCB) plan to provide home-purchase loans that can be paid back on easy installments.

Dubai prices to drop further

Hurriyet Daily News 04.04.2009
UAE housing property prices fall by at least 30 per cent during 2009: Survey

According to the latest survey results by Arabian Business.com, property prices in the UAE are predicted to fall by at least 30% during 2009. More than 1,000 householders in the UAE took part in the poll during March to find out the true picture of the real estate market in the emirates.

Dubai prices to drop further

Dubai residential property prices, down 34 percent from their peak last year, are likely to fall a further 20 percent amid a decline in the emirate’s population, EFG-Hermes Holding SAE said in a report.

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