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Discounts in Abu Dhabi

Nathalie Gille The National 04.04.2009
Discounts in Abu Dhabi

As the property slowdown continues and buyers struggle to meet repayments, developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are dropping prices, including for properties already sold, to keep projects on track. Some analysts believe this trend will increase in Abu Dhabi, where homes were selling at more than Dh2,500 (US$680) per square foot last year.

Mock villa homes built as Abu Dhabi property plan progresses

An Abu Dhabi real estate developer has built a series of luxury mock-up villa homes to preview a new property development designed to house professional workers.

Dubai faces hard times

The First Post 04.04.2009
Clifford Chance adds significant resource to Abu Dhabi and Dubai offices

As part of its strategy for the region, Clifford Chance is transferring real estate, corporate and capital markets partners to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dubai faces hard times

Skyscraper construction projects are put on pause and expatriate workers are leaving in droves and leaving cars at airports: is the party over in the desert playground?

The worst could soon be over for UAE markets as volumes rise

There are signs that the UAE markets may have begun to bottom out. Indicators such as higher trading volumes, some stocks closing limit up after a long gap, minimising of global and local systemic risks, signs of a rebound in oil prices and an altogether general improvement in sentiment point to a steady consolidation process underway in the local stock markets. Abu Dhabi seems poised for a faster recovery than Dubai sometime in the latter part of the year.

UAE property sector all set for revival during Q4 of 2009- Real estate report

A revival of sort is expected in UAE during the fourth quarter of 2009 but it hinges largely on banking sector opening for business, a new report indicated. Semblance of vitality is seen with real estate agents indicating a higher level of "walk around demand" and mortgage financiers highlighting an increase in finance enquiries.

Banks offer life-line to UAE real estate sector

Jamie Stewart Construction Week Online 02.04.2009
Barclays to re-start property financing in UAE soon

Barclays, UK-based banking institution, is planning to re-implement its lending strategy in a sign that the liquidity problems are improving. This is good news for UAE property market as the bank confirmed that it would start to lend more aggressively.

Banks offer life-line to UAE real estate sector

A number of banks and financial institutions have committed to mortgage finance agreements for real estate on Saadiyat Island, giving the sector a much-needed boost.

Lovells launches Dubai real estate practice

Luke McLeod-Roberts The Lawyer 01.04.2009
Savvy Dubai Property Developers Create Fractional Ownership Options

Property on a worldwide scale has plummeted and sales resistance grows from consumers. One new trend that some developers are turning to is to repackage a luxury residence into a fractional ownership offering, allowing each smaller investor the opportunity to have real equity in a vacation home in destination resorts such as Dubai. Michael J. Tolan Explains. Fractional Ownership could be the answer that provides both developers and consumers with the perfect formula for today's appetite for value for money, and a fabulous lifestyle option.

Lovells launches Dubai real estate practice

Lovells has launched a Middle East real estate practice with the recruitment of a former Al Tamimi partner.

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