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Banks becoming more flexible on mortgage defaults

Vicky Kapur Emirates Business 247 08.07.2009
UAE property prices expected to fall further

Over 60% of people interviewed for a recent online poll believe that UAE property prices will fall by a further 20-30% this year.

Banks becoming more flexible on mortgage defaults

Banks and other lending institutions are becoming more flexible in dealing with customers in financial trouble, as mortgage defaults in the UAE are expected to rise with an increasing number of people unable to service their outstanding debt.

Property price falls 'draw investors to UAE'

Property Showrooms 02.07.2009

EIB private investors to sell stake

Trade Arabia 30.06.2009
Property price falls 'draw investors to UAE'

The credit crunch does not appear to be putting off investors in the Middle East, one company has suggested.

EIB private investors to sell stake

Emirates Industrial Bank (EIB), which is merging with Abu Dhabi-based Real Estate Bank, said on Monday its private shareholders have agreed to sell their 49 percent stake to the UAE government.

Rents rise in capital defying forecasts

Abdul Hai Mohamad Business24-7 29.06.2009

HSBC cuts UAE mortgage rate

Homes Overseas 25.06.2009
Rents rise in capital defying forecasts

Rents for homes in the capital have shot up by 20 per cent this month despite earlier forecasts that they would fall, said real estate authorities.

HSBC cuts UAE mortgage rate

International bank, HSBC, has announced that it intend to cut its Flexi Loan mortgage rate by 1% next month for customers seeking to buy UAE property.

Banks lending more to property buyers in UAE

Mortgage lending in Dubai appears to be increasing amid growing confidence in the real estate sector that better liquidity will see a recovery by the end of the year.

Global investors to make a beeline for UAE real estate sector

Signs indicating UAE real estate market's recovery by the year end have been indicated in a recent Morgan Stanley Report. Report also implied return of international investors with focus firmly on distressed assets.

Dubai Islamic Bank offers up to 90 per cent home finance

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest Islamic bank in the UAE, announced that it is offering up to 90 per cent financing for properties across the UAE. Property buyers can avail of Al Islami Home Finance for up to 25 years for ready and under-construction properties from approved developers. This financing is available to UAE nationals and expatriate residents. In addition, DIB is offering refinancing solutions for properties that are already completed.

Bahrainis investing in UAE real estate

The UAE property market remains attractive for long term investors amidst the economic slowdown.

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