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Breaking out of the crisis in Hong Kong

Yoav Cerralbo The Korea Herald 16.11.2009
The Council of Mortgage Lenders finds a majority believes the UK has housing problems

At the CML's "Future Housing" conference held earlier this week, it was revealed that a YouGov survey commissioned by the CML found 96% of people believe the UK has housing problems.

Breaking out of the crisis in Hong Kong

Two words being spoken right now in economic circles, especially in the midst of this crisis, are "exit strategy." Most specifically asked is when countries should start adopting exit strategy policies.

Real estate roundup: U.S. foreclosures slow, California new home sales dip

The number of foreclosures dropped in October for the third consecutive month, a sign that efforts by banks to take back troubled properties may be easing, according to a report out this morning by RealtyTrac.

UN meets homeless victims of American property dream

There were not many people packed in to the Los Angeles "town hall" meeting who had heard of the foreign woman with the unfamiliar title who had come to listen to their tales of plight. But many took it as a good sign that she had worried the last American government enough for it to keep her out of the country.

Hong Kong May Extend Its Recovery With 1.9% Growth in Quarter

Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong’s economy probably grew for a second straight quarter, cementing the city’s recovery from its worst slump since the Asian financial crisis.

MAS flags two risks to property buyers

HOME buyers are being advised to pause a moment before leaping into the purchase of that dream apartment.

A little relief on mortgages

Irish Times 11.11.2009
Fed’s Lockhart Says Commercial Real Estate May Weaken Recovery

Nov. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Dennis Lockhart said the economy will probably recover slowly from the deepest recession since the 1930s because of rising bank losses, especially in commercial real estate.

A little relief on mortgages

THE APPARENTLY unilateral commitment by banks to try to reach an accommodation with customers who fall into difficulties with the mortgages on their homes is welcome. It goes a step further than the obligation imposed on these institutions by the statutory code of conduct on mortgage arrears, which puts a six-month moratorium on legal action – extended to 12 months in the case of AIB and Bank of Ireland. The requirement by the banks that borrowers must co-operate in trying to find an alternative solution is reasonable.

UK property recovery forecasted for 2010

Tom Scott News Insurances 05.11.2009

Hong Kong property bubble still has room to grow

Tom Mitchell, Paul Betts and Andrew Hill Financial Times 04.11.2009
UK property recovery forecasted for 2010

A recovery in the property market has been forecast to take place next year, although anyone hoping to boost the price of their home at present might want to consider home improvements.

Hong Kong property bubble still has room to grow

When the International Monetary Fund finally takes notice, it must be old news. On Tuesday the IMF issued its annual report on Hong Kong, saying that it shared the government’s “concerns that a credit-asset price cycle could take hold, leading to a sharp run-up in prices for certain real and financial assets”.

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