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4 Experts Share Advice On Real Estate Investment In NYC

The NYC rental market is undeniably strong right now, and mortgage rates are low. With this in mind, we suspected more New Yorkers might be considering putting their money into investment properties.

Nazarian’s SBE to Open Luxury Hotel as First NYC Property

Sam Nazarian, the Los Angeles restaurant and nightclub owner, plans to open an $85 million SLS Hotel in New York, the first in the city for the luxury brand.

Record NYC real estate deal now on the rocks

DAVID B. CARUSO The Associated Press 26.10.2009
SL Green Refinances Times Square Tower

New York property owner SL Green Realty Corp. said Tuesday it has refinanced the Times Square tower at 1515 Broadway in Manhattan that serves as headquarters for Viacom International Inc.

Record NYC real estate deal now on the rocks

NEW YORK — It was the most expensive real estate deal in U.S. history. Now it's poised to become one of the biggest flops.

NYC Ready For Another Giant Skyscraper?

It's big city skyscraper scrap. There's a fight over a proposed new structure near the Museum of Modern Art that would as be as tall as anything in New York City.

Non-Profit Tracks Pressures of NYC's Economic Crisis on Housing and Home Ownership in the City

According to the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, Inc. (CNYCN), data collected over a 13-month period reveals that of 4,652 homeowners who sought free mortgage counseling through the CNYCN network, 2,103 (45%), cited loss of income as the main reason for their mortgage delinquency. In addition, of the 1,429 requests for a loan modification by homeowners, only 330 (23%) were completed within the reporting period, July 2008 through August 2009.

New York's 'skinniest' house on sale for a fat $2.7 million

NEW YORK - It's 9.5 feet wide and 42 feet long (2.9 metres wide by 12.8 metres long) and is billed as the narrowest house in New York City. But there's nothing small about its asking price: $2.7 million.

Green Building Bills Praised as Largest Step NYC Can Take to Combat Global Warming and Build a Green Workforce

Environmental Defense Fund today testified that if the New York City Council passes a green building legislative package, it could "generate thousands of jobs" and "position the city and its workforce as national leaders in green building technology."

Rents throughout NYC will be going up; board OKs 3-6% hike starting Oct. 1

Adam Lisberg and Celeste Katz New York Daily News 24.06.2009

New York Office Landlords Go Small

J. ALEX TARQUINIO The New York Times 29.04.2009
Rents throughout NYC will be going up; board OKs 3-6% hike starting Oct. 1

Rents can be jacked up as much as 3% on one-year leases and 6% on two-year leases starting Oct. 1, according to new city guidelines adopted after a raucous meeting Tuesday.

New York Office Landlords Go Small

Sluggish demand for office space in New York has prompted some landlords to think small. As vacancy rates rise, some developers are splitting large vacant blocks of space into smaller offices and “prebuilding” them — finishing off the space before finding a tenant. Brokers say that landlords are also pouring more money into small spaces in their buildings than they might have a year ago.

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