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Hong Kong Authority Tightens Rules on Property Sales

Chia-Peck Wong BusinessWeek 05.05.2010
UAE cheque fraud laws benefit property market recovery: Nakheel chairman

The chairman of property developer Nakheel, Ali Rashid Lootah, accredits the initial financial recovery of Dubai’s property market to a strict enforcement of a policy that criminalizes debt. (Al Arabiya)

Hong Kong Authority Tightens Rules on Property Sales

Hong Kong’s Urban Renewal Authority announced new rules to increase transparency in the city’s property industry, two weeks after the government said it may raise sales taxes on some homes and accelerate land auctions to prevent a bubble in the market.

Real estate law made simple: To inspect or not to inspect - that is the question

Buyers often ask me whether they should hire an engineer to inspect a property before buying it. The answer, like many in real estate, depends.

Cambodia allows foreigners to own property

The Cambodian government on Friday approved a draft law allowing foreign ownership of buildings such as apartments and office buildings to boost economic growth, the country's cabinet said.

Nominee ownership under watch

Bangkok Post 25.08.2009
Nominees will need to find 'real' Thai partners, says JFCCT

Foreign firms using Thai nominees to hold property should restructure their holdings and seek Thai partners to legalise their investments, said Patima Jeerapaet, chairman of the property committee of the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT).

Nominee ownership under watch

The Lands Department has joined the Business Development Department in checking the shareholding structures of companies suspected of holding land plots and having exceeded the foreign shareholding limit, according to Anuwat Maytheewibulwut, the Lands Department's director-general.

Tax change may benefit overseas home owners

Propertyshowrooms 24.07.2009
Tax change may benefit overseas home owners

Those who own overseas properties in Europe for lettings purposes may be able to claim tax relief under a new law change, it has been stated.

Saudi mortgage market primed for action

It is the world’s largest oil exporter and the biggest economy in the Gulf, but only one in five of its citizens owns a home.

Foreigners: Legal problems of home ownership in Thailand

James Finch and Nilobon Tangprasit Bangkok Post 04.05.2009
Foreigners: Legal problems of home ownership in Thailand

This is the first in a series about the legal problems of foreigners who now own homes in Thailand. If you have one or more of these problems, you can and should correct them - before they reach some final stage of the legal system.

What are some typical restrictions imposed by law on owning real property?

There is a myriad of federal, state, county and local laws which restrict what you can do with the real property that you own. Enforcement of these laws typically resides with various governmental agencies which are responsible for keeping you in compliance with these laws. The three most common restrictions imposed by government are:

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