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Homeowner draft law in Dubai stirs control issue

A draft law to protect Dubai homebuyers has raised concerns in the industry that it may give control of common areas to developers.

Bank of America: Principal Reduction for 200,000 Homeowners

NEW YORK -- Bank of America says it plans to provide mortgage relief to about 200,000 homeowners whose home values have fallen below what they owe on their mortgages.

Irish overseas owners walking away

Buy Association 06.11.2009
N.J. homeowners challenge property assessments at record pace

Attorney Anthony Marchese, representing the town of Montclair, looks over records. Montclair homeowners are requesting property tax relief in wake of revaluations and the down economy.

Irish overseas owners walking away

A foreign property investment expert in Ireland has warned that hundreds of investors who bought overseas property at the height of the boom are walking away from their purchases as they cannot afford to meet repayments.

One of UK's biggest mortgage lenders fined £10m for overcharging customers

One of Britain's biggest mortgage lenders has been handed a record £10.5 million in fines after exploiting more than 46,000 desperate homeowners.

Holiday Home Owners to Lose UK Tax Breaks

Holiday home owners have had a good year in the UK since many Brits elected to take their holidays on home soil as the recession made it difficult for people to afford trips to warmer climes. However, it now appears that holiday home owners could be in for a tax hit.

Homeowner group granted right to sue over shared-appreciation mortgages

A group of 300 homeowners has been given permission to sue Barclays and Bank of Scotland over a mortgage product that they claim is unfair.

Property Investors help people achieve their home ownership goals.

(I-Newswire) October 4, 2009 - Amidst the current financial crises, the pressure placed upon homeowners is greater than ever before. While the Government has started rolling out schemes to help homeowners in varying degrees of difficulty, those people unfortunate enough to be in negative equity are currently excluded from any aid schemes. In a city like Northampton that excludes 17% of homeowners from getting support. For some of those homeowners it may not be such a bad thing, some of them being perfectly content to live out their situation. However, it also means that the people who want help are unable to get it, while at the same time financial institutions such as Banks and Mortgage Lenders are receiving countless reprieves from the Government and Taxpayer when in all likelihood it was these same institutions that drove the Country into the current Economic climate.

Retirement property: Plan your future wisely

It's something few of us want to contemplate, yet it happens to us all. At some point in your life, the need to downsize your home and plan for your retirement will strike, yet what are your options?

Love thy neighbours: How property developers are trying to help residents become friends

We all know when you're short of sugar or don't have enough mint for that mojito, what you need is a friendly neighbour.

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