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How to assess Dubai's property market? Count the expat pupils

US bank Citigroup is gauging the strength of Dubai's real estate sector by working out how many expat children are enrolled in schools there.

NZ Property market heat no surprise

New Zealand's household incomes have increased by a third in the last four years, while average house prices have risen nationally by only 1.3 per cent in the same period, making recent real estate market buoyancy unsurprising, says Finance Minister Bill English.

London property prices prop up UK average: Cebr

Although the price of a typical UK home rose by 1.7 per cent in the 12 months to September, meaning the average property now costs £233,000, the Office for National Statistics’ monthly house price index suggests this is largely due to London and the south east driving up prices.

Buyers believe Australian property market is ripe for the picking

Now is the time to invest in Australian property, according to a recent survey of prospective buyers.

Bulgarian Property Market Stabilizing?

A Place in the Sun 13.11.2012
Bulgarian Property Market Stabilizing?

Bulgaria's property market may be starting to stabilise, according to reports by local agents, who have seen house price declines falling and even some quarterly growth.

Asia Pacific Region Enjoys Residential Market Price Increases Despite Economic Slowdown

In a puzzling scenario, some Asia Pacific countries are seeing prices rising in their home markets despite a global economic slowdown, according to the latest edition of Knight Frank's Asia Pacific Residential Review compiled by Nicholas Holt. His findings were posted in an online press release.

Spanish property sales 'on the rise'

Property Showroom 29.10.2012
Canada will avoid U.S.-style real estate bubble, bank says

TORONTO — The news out of Canada’s real estate market isn’t good, but the country will avoid a U.S.-style real estate meltdown, CIBC said Tuesday.

Spanish property sales 'on the rise'

The strong tourism industry in Spain is helping support the country's property market, with sales volumes increasing in September.

Property Exuberance Is Reborn in Indonesia

The Wall Street Journal 15.10.2012
China faces tough decisions on its real estate market

The curbs aimed at cooling China's overheated housing sector worked, but they also put the brakes on rapid growth. But boosting home sales could trigger class tensions.

Property Exuberance Is Reborn in Indonesia

JAKARTA–Fifteen years after the Asian financial crisis sent overheated Indonesian property markets tumbling, the archipelago nation’s real-estate markets are soaring again–just as economic storm clouds gather across the world.

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