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BBVA’s Quarterly Profit Slumps on Spain Real Estate Purge

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA), Spain’s second-biggest bank, said profit slumped 58 percent in the three months through June as it complied with government orders to take losses on real estate.

Spanish property writedowns dent Santander's profit

Santander announced on July 26th that its first-half profits are 51 per cent lower than in 2011. The financial services provider took a heavy hit after it wrote off a further €2.8 billion (£2.2 billion) relating to bad Spanish property loans and repossessions.

Spain Real Estate Investors Reassured After Bailout

Property in Spain and the country’s recently emerged ‘ghost towns’ have been given new hope, despite claims that the $125 billion bailout will raise more questions rather than answers, reports Holprop Property and Real Estate - the leading international property portal

Buyers spoilt for choice with cheap property in Spain

The Euro crisis, the struggling Spanish economy and the credit downgrading of 16 of the country’s top banks may have worried many people thinking of buying property in Spain. However, due to an oversupply of homes, prices of property in Spain have rarely been as competitive.

Spanish and Irish property markets still stuck in slump mode

Of all Spain's troubled banks, Bankia has the biggest exposure to failed property developments.

Spain Avoids Bank Bailout; Nationalizes Bankia Saddled with $42 Billion in Bad Real Estate Loans

A housing boom that went bust in 2008 has forced Spain to overhaul its entire banking system - a system that showed Bankia, the nation's largest real estate lending consortium, to be saddled with $42 billion ($32 billion Euros) in bad property loans.

Spanish property presents opportunities for investors

Real estate in Spain is looking more attractive to British buyers than it has for many years. This is the assertion of Jon Ainge, director of International Property Success, who explained the strength of sterling against the euro, as well as the inventory of distressed property, makes the country a good target for overseas buyers.

Denial pervades Spain property developers

Madness in Spain lingers as Ireland chases recovery. In the stages of death of a real estate boom, Spain is still in denial. In Ireland, they’re moving toward acceptance. The first auction of one of 2 000 unfinished housing estates takes place today at the Shelbourne Hotel in central Dublin, with sales expected to fetch cents on the euro, showing the Irish may be closer to the end than the beginning.

France and Spain head property list

Despite the euro crisis, France and Spain are still the most popular countries for Britons looking to buy property abroad, according to a survey.

Spain’s Surging Bad Loans Cast New Doubts on Bank Cleanup

Spain’s surging bad loans are spurring doubt on whether the government can persuade investors that it can clean up the country’s banks without further damaging public finances.

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