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Ireland fights crisis in realty market with mega loan aid

The Irish government, faced with a firestorm of falling property prices, is trying to prevent a national drama from becoming a disaster by providing huge guarantees to the loan market.

Irish commercial property market capital value plunged 42.7% in 12-months to June 2009

Ireland is once again confirmed as Europe’s hardest hit commercial property market, with a two-year peak-to-trough capital depreciation of -48.6%, according to the SCS / IPD Irish Quarterly Property Index for Q2 2009. The vast bulk of this Irish decline has come in the last year, with the 12-month change in capital growth to the end of June now -42.7%.

Ireland's economic gloom deep

DUBLIN (Reuters) - The creation of a "bad bank" to restore the flow of credit in Ireland and cleanse its lenders of risky assets will help soothe concerns about the former "Celtic Tiger" economy even as it heads for a second year of record recession, economists said.

Property discounts luring buyers back into the new homes real estate market in Ireland

Residential property price discounts in Ireland may be luring buyers back into the market, according to the latest analysis from real estate consultants.

UK House Prices to Stabilise by End of 2009

According to a major study into the UK housing market by Standard and Poor, UK house prices are likely to stabilise in the last quarter of this year, while they continue to fall sharply in Spain and Ireland throughout next year.

McInerney slides into losses amid housing slump

Housebuilder McInerney moved into pre-tax losses of €47m in 2008 from profits of €58m the previous year as it felt the impact of the deteriorating market in the UK and Ireland.

Property developer on brink of bankruptcy

Tim Healy Herald ie 18.03.2009
Property developer on brink of bankruptcy

WELL-known property developer Paddy Kelly's liabilities now exceed his assets and he may have to enter a personal bankruptcy arrangement, it has been revealed in court proceedings.

Second Irish property investor kills himself over financial problems

The property tycoon owner of two of the islands on Dubai's The World project was buried yesterday after taking his own life amid rumours of financial problems connected with his real estate empire.

High flyer still optimistic despite bleak outlook

FRANK McDONALD irishtimes.com 05.03.2009

Ireland’s boom ends – with a vengeance

Jason Walsh The Christian Science Monitor 03.03.2009
High flyer still optimistic despite bleak outlook

At its peak, Ballymore had a development plan worth £15bn in Britain, Ireland and Europe

Ireland’s boom ends – with a vengeance

Protests and anger grow as 'Celtic Tiger's' economy takes nosedive - For nearly a decade, Ireland enjoyed a steady rise to one of the world’s hottest economies. In just a few short months, though, the nation has cooled to a near freezing-point. And with each passing day, the situation grows more dire.

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