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U.S. Home Prices May Fall for Years, Shiller Says: Chart of Day

(Bloomberg) -- U.S. housing prices are in the midst of a decline that may last for years, according to Robert J. Shiller, a finance professor at Yale University.

Minimalist House – Modern Architect's Private Home

Contemporary Australian architect Sharon Fraser took her job to a new, more-personal level when she designed her own minimalist house in Byron Bay. With the goal of bringing the outdoors into her modern yet livable design, the architect went with a functional U-shaped plan that elongates the home’s perimeter to maximize the amazing view.

Top 10 Home Showing Tips - How to Show Your Home to Buyers

Elizabeth Weintraub About.com 01.06.2009
Shiller Says Home Prices in U.S. May Decline for ‘Some Time’

(Bloomberg) -- Robert Shiller, the Yale University professor who predicted the collapse of the U.S. housing market, writes in a New York Times article today that home price declines “may well continue for some time.”

Top 10 Home Showing Tips - How to Show Your Home to Buyers

When you show your home, you want to engage the buyer emotionally because the decision to buy is based more on emotions, and less on logic. Give the buyer permission to say, "Yes, I want to buy this home," by staging, accentuating your home's positive attributes, and do not draw any attention to the negative aspects.

Rising sales point to housing recovery

Chris Zappone The Sydney Morning Gerald 01.06.2009
Rising sales point to housing recovery

Home sales rose moderately in April, posting their fourth straight month of increases.

While Your Home is on the Market - Protecting Your Privacy - What Does Your Home Disclose About You?

Are your secrets safe? Before a home goes on the market and home buyers start to traipse through, savvy sellers will relocate confidential information. Even so, you might be astonished to learn what home buyers can figure out about you.

Alabama's homes reach most affordable level in 16 years

Lauren B. Cooper business journals 19.05.2009
Mountainside Home in Mexico - amazing futuristic design lets you relax on your own roof ...

Designed by Productora, this modern mountainside home is ideally situated on a northern Mexico golf club.

Alabama's homes reach most affordable level in 16 years

Alabama’s home affordability index broke another record in the first quarter of this year, hitting its highest level in 16 years, said the Alabama Center for Real Estate at the University of Alabama.

How to make your home move-in ready for buyers

Anne Kenderdine mercurynews.com 15.05.2009
Home Buying Path A to Z - The Complete Home Buying Process

Every state requires slightly different steps to buying a home, although they are basically very similar. Since I am most familiar with the way California does it, here is the path to home ownership in California, broken down into simple steps:

How to make your home move-in ready for buyers

Real estate agents, home stagers and decorators strongly recommend painting a home in neutral colors to help it sell faster. Why? "Today's buyer doesn't want any work," says home stager Carol Buckalew of Frederick, Md. You don't want buyers to walk into a house and immediately think about the extra costs of repainting because they have a strong reaction to a color, she says.

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