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China faces tough decisions on its real estate market

The curbs aimed at cooling China's overheated housing sector worked, but they also put the brakes on rapid growth. But boosting home sales could trigger class tensions.

$47 Million Price For Beijing's Most Expensive Luxury Villas

China may not have emperors anymore but you can certainly still live like one thanks to the country's luxury real estate development, The ThaiHot Mansion and Courtyards. ThaiHot Mansion, overseen by The Beijing Taihe Real Estate Development Co., is considered to be the most expensive you can find in China, with the cheapest apartment available priced at $4.7 million.

Happy Land-Buying Days Return to Beijing

World Property Chennel 28.07.2012
Happy Land-Buying Days Return to Beijing

Homes sales are up in Beijing more than a year after the government imposed tough regulations on property sales.

Property bubble fears ease - slightly

TO THE World Bank office in Beijing, where the multilateral lender cut its forecast for China’s 2012 economic growth to 8.2 per cent, but said the chances of a soft landing were good, and the prospects of a disastrous property crash in the world’s second biggest economy are receding.

Beijing Property Ads Reflect Shifting Priorities

Chen Wenya (陈文雅) China Buzz 16.02.2012
China home prices fall in January

BEIJING:Home prices in more than two thirds of China's major cities continued their slump in January from a month before, the government announced Saturday, as moves to cool the market continued to bite.

Beijing Property Ads Reflect Shifting Priorities

In 2007, the price of housing in many first and second-tier cities in China witnessed an unprecedented rise, it was also the year that the city began to ban the use of "extravagant phrases" in real estate advertising.

Beijing halts sale of China’s highest-priced apartment

China’s most expensive apartment is no longer for sale, amidst a government investigation involving profiteering charges against the developer Sinobo Real Estate.

Beijing cracking down on deceptive pricing in China’s real estate industry

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is cracking down on misleading pricing in the country’s real estate industry.

Beijing real estate developers banned to collect pre-sale payment

The Beijing municipal government released a new directive Monday restricting property developers who demand downpayment for pre-sales.

Lenders to closely monitor property loans

BEIJING, Aug. 27 (Xinhuanet) -- State-owned Chinese banks on Thursday said they have not suspended lending to realtors, but would monitor such exposure closely to avoid future problems.

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