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Why Real Estate Needs To Have An Internet Renaissance

It’s a cliché to note that the internet has completely changed business. For big companies and small, the web has allowed businesses to be more efficient, advertise better, and scale faster.

Commercial Real Estate Is The Next Shoe To Drop, According To The Internet

With the market having reached a kind of uneasy stasis, everyone's been asking the same thing: "What's the next shoe to drop?"

Buying a Home On the Internet

About.com 16.04.2009

Housing site set for UK's fastest broadband

Andrew Mernin North East Business News 05.03.2009
Buying a Home On the Internet

Should You Hire a Buyer's Agent or Buy a Home By Yourself?

Housing site set for UK's fastest broadband

A BROWNFIELD site in Gateshead which has been set aside for housing development will soon have access to the fastest broadband in the UK.


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