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Too soon to buy property and tours

I AM worried about two emerging trends that may cause people to believe that the worst is over for Singapore?s economy.

International firms looking to buy cheap sites from NAMA portfolio

Top-level property firms and private equity funds, including Carlyle Group, Blackstone and British Land, have already expressed interest in buying up cheap Irish property that could come on the market as a consequence of the establishment of the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA), the Irish Independent has learned.

spanish people like to buy property

Property-abroad 01.07.2009
spanish people like to buy property

Spaniards are keener to buy property than people in any other country in the eurozone, according to a recent report.

brits buying property in spain to benefit from falling prices

Britons looking to buy property in Spain have plenty of time yet to benefit from falling property prices, it has been suggested.

HSBC cuts UAE mortgage rate

Homes Overseas 25.06.2009
HSBC cuts UAE mortgage rate

International bank, HSBC, has announced that it intend to cut its Flexi Loan mortgage rate by 1% next month for customers seeking to buy UAE property.

LaSalle ready for U.S. commercial property deals

NEW YORK (Reuters) - LaSalle Investment Management has about $1.5 billion to $2 billion ready to use to buy U.S. commercial property for its investors but does not expect to pull the trigger for a few quarters.

It's a good time to buy property overseas

The Economic Times 27.05.2009
UAE realty investors more inclined to buy properties: Survey

It's been found that investors in the UAE are bound to go for real estate investment over the next 12 months than their mates in countries such as the UK, the US and India, a new survey from Barclays Wealth indicated.

It's a good time to buy property overseas

KOLKATA: The slump in global real estate markets has thrown open lucrative opportunities for Indian HNI investors. The near 25-35% fall in property in Australia, US, UK, South Africa and markets closer home like the Gulf and Singapore, has triggered a huge surge in demand from Indian buyers keen to invest in overseas property.

What kinds of insurance can I buy?

The two most common forms of insurance for real property include liability insurance and title insurance.

There has never been a better time to buy Spanish property

You can get a better property deal today in Spain than any time in at least the last five years and that’s a fact. Now is the time to pick up the highest quality Spanish real estate at the best possible prices. Well-located ready-to-move-in-to properties are selling for up to a massive 50% discount off list price and here’s why.

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