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Bangkok building takes bronze in global architecture competition.

A Bangkok skyscraper has ranked third in a prestigious global high-rise architectural competition.

In action: a skyscraper’s amazing 728-ton stabilising ball

The enormous steel ball you see in the photos (and the incredible video below) is the world’s largest ‘tuned mass damper’ and sits near the top of the world’s largest completed skyscraper on earth, taipei 101 in taiwan. the idea behind a tuned mass damper is quite simple: as a building sways (resulting from high winds, earthquakes etc), its tuned mass damper, essentially a finely tuned and ridiculously heavy pendulum, will move in opposition to the structure’s oscillations and minimise any movement. if that makes no sense, watch the crude gif below.

Dubai To Build World's First Skyscraper In Motion

This first rotating skyscraper that will be built in Dubai is designed to be self powered and completely prefabricated.



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