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Buyers, sellers out of sync in housing market

DINA ELBOGHDADY Press-Register 06.09.2010
Property market 'facing conflict between buyers and sellers'

Homeowners who are looking to sell their properties are facing issues with buyers over how much they are willing to pay.

Buyers, sellers out of sync in housing market

Jack Donnelly put off selling his Capitol Hill row house for three years until he thought he saw glimmers of life this spring in the housing market. At $950,000, he said, the red brick Victorian is a "solid deal."

Top 10 Buyers Markets For Real Estate Investors

Housing Predictor Housing Predictor 27.01.2010

Buyers return to resuscitate market

Bangkok Post 21.01.2010
Top 10 Buyers Markets For Real Estate Investors

The top buyers markets in the United States are locations with strong local economies and good prospects for job growth. College towns are also high on the list — these smaller markets tend to thrive during recessions as more people enroll at universities.

Buyers return to resuscitate market

The entire property market except the industrial sector and serviced apartments is showing signs of recovery as the political situation, the government's stability and policies to promote foreign investment are helping revive foreign demand.

More cash buyers entering local real estate market

2009 was a record year for foreclosures. We now have the figures. The RealtyTrac Year-End market report unveiled Thursday counted a record 2.8 million properties in foreclosure nationwide last year. Nevada led all states, followed by Arizona and Florida.

Potential Buyers Growing While Supply Shrinking In UK Real Estate Market

Growth in the number of prospective home buyers, coupled with declining property supply, has helped UK property prices rebound in 2009. Prime country real estate has performed exceptionally well of late, and has made up most of the ground lost since the economic collapse. Restored consumer confidence, returning foreign investors and affordable and accessible credit all point to price stability in 2010. For more on this, see the following article from Property Wire.

Used-home sales off 20-25%

KANANA KATHARANGSIPORN Bangkok Post 27.08.2009
Landmark case sees developers awarded damages from buyers who walked away as property values tumbled

Bad news for off-plan buyers trying to escape the collapse in property values who thought abandoning their deposits in new-build developments would clear the slate of a dud investment.

Used-home sales off 20-25%

Inspection service will help buyers

UAE Property prices rise again

Angela Giuffrida and Nathalie Gillet The National 16.07.2009
Demand soars for budget real estate

SOARING demand for affordable residential real estate is prompting buyers to pay tens of thousands of dollars more than the advertised price on websites and has even sparked a punch-up at an auction in Sydney's Parramatta.

UAE Property prices rise again

Property prices in parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are registering big increases as buyers regain their confidence, brokers said Tuesday.

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