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Thailand real estate report predicts challenging times ahead

A report finds that political instability is not the only factor threatening an unstable future for Thailand's commercial real estate market.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders finds a majority believes the UK has housing problems

At the CML's "Future Housing" conference held earlier this week, it was revealed that a YouGov survey commissioned by the CML found 96% of people believe the UK has housing problems.

Activity in the UK housing market continues to decline

The British Bankers Association reported today that 31,767 mortagage loans were approved in August, the lowest number since April 2009.

US Foreclosures surge, mortgage rates drift both ways

While new figures show foreclosures surging to a record high in August, mortgage rates continue to hover around their all-time lows, with rates both falling and rising slightly yesterday and on the latest weekly mortgage survey.

Chinese Investors Flock to London to Buy Real Estate

The London property market might have shown signs of cooling recently, but investors from mainland China and Hong Kong are busier than ever — bidding, for example, on luxury apartments in the fashionable Knightsbridge district down the road from Harrods department store and on new homes near the Canary Wharf financial district.

"Murder Houses" in Taiwan attracting more buyers as property prices rise

Taiwanese sellers are required by law to disclose if a homocide or suicide has taken place within their property or face a fine or even imprisonment.

Even "low-cost" housing is out of reach for many in China

Analysts estimate that only 40% of the affordable housing promised by local governments in 2009 was delivered and that figure is set to improve to only 50% this year.

Is a property bubble developing in Thailand?

While governments in Hong Kong, Singapore and China introduce measures to rein-in over-heating property markets, some analysts say Thailand is unlikely to follow suit despite burgeoning demand.

Thai properties not on Brits' shopping lists

Nina Suebsukcharoen Bangkok Post 06.09.2010
Thai properties not on Brits' shopping lists

The traditional British buyers of Thai properties are not exploring real estate in this country at the moment, with the exception of a submarket of young retirees that remains resilient, says Robert Collins, managing director of Savill's (Thailand) Ltd.

Key Asian economies try to rein-in runaway property prices

Hong Kong, Singapore and China see high domestic liquidity, cash-rich foreign investors and low interest rates fuelling demand, leading to fears of a housing market bubble.

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