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Would you rent property A or property B?

An interesting experiment by letting agency Upad. On the basis that portraying the features and appeal of a property is an important marketing tool for landlords wanting to attract tenants, Upad wanted to test how vital the picture of the property is to a prospective tenant who is searching for a new home.

The Future of Rental and Property Markets

It has recently been reported that buy-to-let investors are set to make a rather handsome return on their investments during the course of the next 13 years. This has come as a result of increasing rental prices and the fact that house prices are beginning to recover; this has enabled a further boost to the property market.

Property rents soaring in some Australian cities

People moving to Australia to live and work face higher prices to rent houses and apartments in most cities, the latest real estate figures show.

Real estate in Dubai rising rents and property prices

The latest report from a leading property consultancy has found that the residential property market in Dubai is recovering after some difficult years. Sales prices and apartment rents have both risen sharply in the last quarter, making the emirate once again a great choice for overseas property investors.

Rental property in Sydney for $70,000 … a month

SYDNEY is known for its absurdly expensive rent but this three-bedder is in a league of its own.

Ask a real estate pro: Can landlord break lease to sell home?

Board-certified real estate attorney Gary M. Singer writes about the housing market in this space each Friday. To ask him a question about short sales, mortgages, refinancing, homeowner's associations or any other residential real estate topic, click here.

When Dymaxium Healthcare Innovations was on the verge of its latest business shift to software product sales from custom software creation, chief operating officer Michael Carleton was looking for ways to reduce operating expenses and found part of the solution in the walls around him.

Annual rental growth in prime London property sector falls back

Annual prime London property rental growth has slipped back into negative territory for the first time in two years, down 0.4% year on year, according to the latest Savills prime rentals index.

Ask an expert: Can my condo board take my rental income?

Q. The rental income from a condo I own has been keeping me going since I lost my job recently. I'm two months late on the common charges, however, and until I get a job, I'm not sure when I will be able to catch up. In the meantime, I need the rental income to live.

Rental property investing 101 – tips for future property moguls

The media and real estate professionals continually report that 2012 is the year to buy real estate. Since home values have dropped considerably, the U.S. median list price has dropped considerably, too. Couple that with interest rates that are the lowest they’ve ever been and it’s a perfect storm of real estate buying opportunity, especially for starting out your career as a landlord.

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