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Relaxation of banks lending policies stimulated Asia Pacific sales

Colliers Intl. (Hong Kong) Property Wire 26.08.2009
Property sales and prices in Hong Kong rally as real estate investors become active in the belief that the sector is at bottom

The property market in Hong Kong is recovering with figures showing a steady increase in sales and prices while the news that the recession has ended is expected to boost the real estate sector further.

Relaxation of banks lending policies stimulated Asia Pacific sales

According to Colliers International's Asia Pacific Real Estate Investment Market Bulletin – 2Q2009, the overall investment sentiment in the region saw a distinct improvement in past quarter.

Call for property sourcing and investment companies to be regulated

Rogue property sourcing and investments companies are ripping off property investors in the UK by asking for upfront fees to source below market value real estate that turn out to be bogus, it is claimed.

U.K. House Prices to Drop Further 13%, Bond Investors Forecast

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. house prices will plunge another 12.7 percent before bottoming out, according to bond investors surveyed by Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc.

How to Generate Private Money for Real Estate

Ryan Moeller Real Return Real Estate 19.08.2009
Can you flip a house for profit in this market?

If flipping a house in today's real estate market seems riskier than trekking with a ragtag band of hobbits to Mordor, take heart: Home flippers can still find plenty of opportunities, though they're not entirely without risk.

How to Generate Private Money for Real Estate

Let’s face it, money does not disappear, it changes hands. So where is it? There is so much money sitting on the sidelines or in investments making little or negative returns. Many of these individuals would love to have a double digit return backed by real estate.

Commercial Property Lures Investors Back

ANITA LIKUS The Wall street Journal 19.08.2009

Investing in commercial property

LIZ McDONALD The Press 11.08.2009
Commercial Property Lures Investors Back

LONDON -- International buyers have returned after a long hiatus to Europe's commercial-property market, a crucial first step to revival.

Investing in commercial property

The recession has divided the industrial property market. Real estate agents say the rise in vacancies means investors want strongly leased industrial properties and are less keen to take a punt on an empty building or a short lease.

Real estate trusts: Are they right for you?

DAVID MWORIA Business Daily 10.08.2009
Real estate trusts: Are they right for you?

If you once invested at the Nairobi Stock Exchange, chances are that you made excellent returns over a short period of time.

Does NZ Invest More In Investment Property Than Other Markets?

I frequently hear and read commentators saying, usually with a degree of disapproval, that collectively New Zealanders invest too much in residential property, have a love affair with rental property investments, etc.

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