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Irish overseas owners walking away

Buy Association 06.11.2009
Irish overseas owners walking away

A foreign property investment expert in Ireland has warned that hundreds of investors who bought overseas property at the height of the boom are walking away from their purchases as they cannot afford to meet repayments.

Promising investment destinations ready for discovery at MIPIM Asia

At this year’s edition of MIPIM Asia, a range of new property developments in Asia-Pacific will be presented and unveiled. Here is a short selection of some of the most promising projects and investment areas to be discovered at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 18-20.

Increasing appetite for property investment

Ruth Emery Money Wise 28.10.2009
Increasing appetite for property investment

Now may be the time to get back into property, as experts believe we have reached the bottom of the cycle.

Buy to let real estate investment up in the UK, research shows

UK landlords have bought more property in 2009 despite the recession and now own an average of seven properties compared with just four in 2004, new research shows.

Thai property compared to other investment options

Jack Miles Property Report 22.10.2009
Thai property compared to other investment options

While rental yields may seem moderate in the current economic climate, continued low interest rates are likely to ensure market stability as property remains the favoured investment.

4 Reasons Why Manhattan Real Estate Is A Strong Investment

Manhattan real estate has fallen less than 25%, compared with losses of more than 40% for Los Angeles and San Francisco over the past few years. With real estate transaction volumes growing, increasing interest from foreign investors, and a limited supply of usable land, the long term value of Manhattan real estate looks promising. For more on this, see the following article from The Street.

Assetz assess latest lending figures

Investment International 02.10.2009
Taxing issues, recovering debt and making investments work harder

Question: I am a landlord and have agreed to rent out a property to students but find the rules confusing. Can you help?

Assetz assess latest lending figures

Property investment and development company Assetz has taken a positive stance on the UK property market.

Buy-to-Let landlords remain jaded by the mortgage market and sit tight on their property investments

2009-10-01 18:02:07 - Young Index results for Q3 2009 from Young Group show that buy-to-let investors are no longer reviewing the mortgage market on a regular basis and intend to hold onto their assets for the long term.

Landlords called to invest as rental sector shrinks

Letting agency, Pinkerton Murray, is convinced that now is the time for landlords to invest.

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