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New Yorkers Have Steepest Property Tax Bills

Mike Wheatley Realty Biz News 28.05.2011
Richmond property owners to get a tax break - Vancouver need not apply

Commercial property owners near Richmond’s Canada Line who got caught in a “hot zone” of frenetic land speculation will be getting a new tax break. But the same tax break won’t be coming for Vancouver landowners caught in the same situation.

New Yorkers Have Steepest Property Tax Bills

Of the top ten counties in the US that pay the highest property tax rates, all ten of them come from either New York or New Jersey. New Hampshire and Connecticut also have several counties listed high up in the rankings. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the states of Alaska and Louisiana have the lowest property tax rates in the country, says the Washington-based Tax Foundation, a non-profit organization that conducts research into taxation.

China must levy property tax to deal with wealth gap, writes government researcher

China should without a doubt introduce a property tax in order to reverse a major imbalance in wealth distribution, researcher Zhang Monan from the State Information Centre wrote in an opinion piece in the China Daily newspaper today.

South Korea cutting property taxes to prop up market

South Korea has announced that it will cut property purchase taxes in a move to offset tougher borrowing rules and keep the recovering housing market from losing strength, Reuters has reported.

Higher Property Taxes, Teacher Cuts and Blame

The New York Times 13.03.2011
Higher Property Taxes, Teacher Cuts and Blame

There will be blood. It’s undeniable, especially when the governor goes out of his way to say that he doesn’t have any on his hands.

Tax Tip: 7 tips about rental income and expenses

Do you rent property to others? If so, you'll want to read the following seven tips from the IRS about rental income and expenses.

NAMA central to €99.9m Google D4 property deal

Laura Noonan The Independent 19.02.2011
NAMA central to €99.9m Google D4 property deal

THE National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) yesterday claimed its first public victory in the property market, announcing the "intrinsic role" it had played in the €99.9m sale of the Montevetro building to internet giant Google.

China embraces an old Western tradition ... property taxes

China’s first-ever property taxes, introduced this week, are unlikely to curb skyrocketing home prices, industry experts here warn, as pent-up demand from young middle class couples continues to boom.

Why New Jersey Is Still No. 1 for Property Taxes

JONATHAN BERR See full article from DailyFinance: http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/taxes/why-new-j Daily Finance 09.10.2010
Canadian Taxpayers Association backing CBRM Property Taxpayers’ Association

GRAND MIRA SOUTH — The Canadian Taxpayers Association is backing a newly formed group in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality that’s lobbying municipal council to voice its support for the capped assessment program.

Why New Jersey Is Still No. 1 for Property Taxes

If there is one thing that unifies residents of New Jersey, particularly in these divisive times, it's property taxes: Everybody hates them.

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