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First-time buying as an investment?

Honolulu Magazine 07.11.2012
Home front: Expert advice on investment trusts

Our award-winning writer Ian Cowie on making the most of your biggest asset. This week: investment trusts.

First-time buying as an investment?

On Saturday, I went with my partner to look at a condo in Kapahulu. For more than a year, he’s been talking about wanting to buy real estate in Honolulu instead of renting, and feels this could be the one.

How to avoid investment pain

The Telegraph 29.10.2012
How to avoid investment pain

GO go Gadget eyeballs. You may not be blessed with magical robotic body parts like fictional super sleuth Inspector Gadget, but there's plenty of worthwhile detective work to do before investing in property.

Allianz turns lender to boost property investments

MUNICH (Reuters) - Allianz , Europe's largest insurer, is taking advantage of banks' diminished appetite for lending against real estate by offering loans to boost its investment in property.

Investing in property? Get the details right

The Sydney Morning Herald 02.10.2012
Investing in property? Get the details right

The residential property market has been weak over the past couple of years but it continues to be a core investment, alongside shares, cash and fixed income securities. The lesson from the fall in prices since 2010 is that investors have to make sure they pay attention to all the details when they invest in real estate: get the right finance; be clear about all the costs they will have to pay and stay on top of tax issues.

Barwa Real Estate Group, Qatar’s leading international real estate and investment company is expected to take part at Cityscape Global 2012. The event is scheduled to run from 2-4 October 2012 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

PROPERTY: Mom splurges on $ 1.37 mil condo as investment for son

SINGAPORE - A 56-year-old retiree told The Straits Times she bought a $1.37 million three-bedroom apartment for her son as an 'investment'.

Investing in real estate? Here's how to minimise risks on road to property ownership

If you're a first time buyer scouting for the best property in town, is the deluge of marketing offers leaving you overwhelmed? Here is a survival guide to help you make safe real estate investments and not get swayed by marketing gimmicks.

Residential Property as an Investment

Jakatar Globe 31.07.2012
Residential Property as an Investment

Traditionally, a residential property has been viewed as somewhere to live more than an investment. In fact, it is all too easy to underestimate the huge impact that residential property can have on your finances and wealth. Some hypothetical scenarios will illustrate that house owners are continuously making investment decisions – perhaps without even realizing.

Tips for Building Your Brand New Real Estate Business

Buying investment property isn’t rocket science, but when you are just getting started it can seem overwhelming. It’s hard to know just where to start. There are definitely some tried and true things you can do that will help ensure your success. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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